Social Media Marketing

I came upon Entering Social Media the Right Way: Four Key Steps by MarketingProfs today. I found myself comparing their advice with my recent experience marketing through social media.

I started with a basic understanding of how to use Twitter and Facebook from personal use with friends. Add some research on how to reach a target audience in a non-marketing environment, and my trial and error experience supports that the MarketingProfs steps are a good starting place.

The four steps were Listen, Interact, React, and Sell.

As an independent writer, I found these steps all joined at the hip. I perused groups formed by my target audience and was then able to match articles I’d posted to interests expressed by group members. By participating in and contributing to on-going Facebook conversations, I was able to drive traffic to my articles and attract users to follow me on Twitter.

This core group would then visit new articles when I posted them on either Facebook or Twitter.

How have you used social media to market your business? What have your success rates been in these venues?


Find out the benefits of social media in an upcoming post.


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