First things first: creating a social media strategy for your small business

Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for small businesses. A recent survey showed a 52% increase in the number of small businesses that had Facebook accounts last year alone. That same survey also found that 41% of companies using social media had seen measurable success from their efforts.

As a new business, it was clear Hallett Peak Copywriting needed a strategy. And although our strategy is still a work in progress, here are a few quick tips to help get the ball rolling:

Get started right away
Don’t wait until you have your strategy finalized and a detailed plan outlined to get started. It is easy to get the ball rolling by creating your accounts and building your profiles. It also helps to divide and conquer. If you partner has expertise in Facebook and you prefer Twitter, divvy up the early tasks based on your preference. It is easy to change responsibilities when you have plans and processes in place later on. HPC had an almost immediate presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress. Ultimately, our social media strategy has benefited from our early adoption, as it has helped us determine exactly how we want to use each tool moving forward.

Define your business objectives within your strategy
After we played around with each tool and took a step back to see how some of the most accomplished folks in our industry used each resource, it became much easier to determine what business objectives we hoped to accomplish through our use of social media. We have also found that by clearly identifying five or six overall objectives for each tool, we made it much easier to brainstorm tactics and practices to incorporate across each venue.

Stay flexible
Although we are still in the early stages of not only creating a social media plan, but also working in these spaces, we have already found it is very important to stay flexible. Remaining willing to change your approach as well as the way you use certain tools is important in the sense that you have to be able to adapt to the changing ways your audience uses the tool as well as the way the 3rd party company that owns the site handles certain processes and guidelines. The one thing that should not change is your company’s personality. Be consistent and … most importantly … be yourself.

Bryn is a co-founder of Hallett Peak Copywriting – a Central Illinois based freelance copywriting business. For more information on Hallett Peak Copywriting, visit You can also follow Hallett Peak Copywriting on Twitter @HPC_Ink to get updates on our business and our blog.


About Bryn H.

A new dad working in a white-collar community in the Midwest. Co-founder of Hallett Peak Copywriting.
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